From visualization to art. Enter the Magazine

We are The Frame.

We make visualizations. We present the furniture from the best Polish and global designers. We paint virtual interiors, digital scenes and we commune with the beauty that often deserves to be called art.

From now on we want to share with you our fascinations, ideas and work.

There wouldn’t be our industry, if not for the artists and designers. Photorealistic visualizations would never have been created if not for the achievements of such fields as photography, art, and architecture. We’ve craved to share the ideas, reflections and knowledge for years. Today we finally can.

Why do we write?

The new editor, Barbara Stanisz, joins our team. She will run The Frame Magazine – an online journal about all our inspirations.

We hope that you – our clients – will become dedicated subscribers of our Magazine. After all, there’s more to life than just work. We want to keep in touch with you and maintain the relationship B2B model often lacks. We rarely meet each other and contact usually via e-mail and phone, but you are important to us.

What will you read about?

We hope that topics covered in our Magazine will become topics you talk about at work and beyond.

We also want to encourage you to visit the most inspiring places in Europe (in the article “Museums every design lover must see”), make you want to search for new points of view (in the material called “Depth of field as a mean of expression in the interior visualization”) and help you shine during business meetings by telling you the names of “5 Polish designers you should know”.

It will all come soon. Meanwhile, we get off to a good start and invite you to read about hyperrealism in painting. You thought our hyperrealistic 3D visualizations are just a marketing trick presented in ordinary style? Well, no – an inspiration for this term was an amazing story of the art movement which has been created to delight and also to arouse controversy.

Stay up to date

If you are interested in such content, contact us and give us your e-mail address so you could join the newsletter. We promise you that we will only use it to share with you articles from the Magazine. We will also inform you about new posts on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Join our community and take advantage of new online space we create for you.


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