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Visualization of style, form and functionality. Meet Plato

Contemporary elegance of Plato furniture, coming out on the market, magnetizes at first sight. Can you sense a hint of mystery? Very good. That’s what it’s all about.


What do 3D visualizations and the controversial art movement have in common? Incredible details [GALLERY]

Disdained by artists, unacknowledged by viewers, unnoticed by marketing.
We present to you the art movement that fills our 3D visualizations with special powers that distinctly increase sales.



From visualization to art. Enter the Magazine

We are The Frame.

We make visualizations. We present the furniture from the best Polish and global designers. We paint virtual interiors, digital scenes and we commune with the beauty that often deserves to be called art.

From now on we want to share with you our fascinations, ideas and work.



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